Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Punch the Keys!"

I have been entertaining the notion of writing in a more formal manner for some time now.  I, like many out there I'm sure, believe I have something to give to the masses.  The masses, yeah right.  Quite laughable really.  In actuality, I want to do this for me.  Nothing fancy, just a way to express myself.  You have to understand who I am.  I'm an introvert.  One of the things that comes with being an introvert is the blessing (and curse at times) of a brain that rarely shuts off.  Always thinking, always processing.  That means I suffer from too many thoughts and not enough storage space.  So began the notion of blogging.  I have been picking the brain of a friend (and fellow introvert) who is a published author.  He has given me some great advice already and I now find myself ready to "punch the keys!"  Let's see how it goes.      


  1. Welcome! Great start. Let's guest blog on each other's sites sometime.

  2. Thanks! That would be great. Looking forward to it!