Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wins and Losses

Today was a rough day at work...and life.  The first official word that a "routine disturbance" call did not go well.  A report of a "minimum" of three officers down with one still inside did set well with me at 6:18 this Sunday morning.  A rescue team was being formed.  A New Year's Eve morning.  Please no!

A neighboring jurisdiction yes, but that doesn't matter.  We all want to help in any way, shape or form, no matter what, when that information is received.  Messages continued to come in that the media is not privy to.  And thank god for that.  That is another matter for another day. 

As the messages came in, I could read between the lines.  I knew the official word would not be what I was hoping for.  Knowing folks who work with that agency in both sworn and civilian roles, I pray for both equally.  For those in uniform, I pray they are safe and sound.  For those on the "other side" I pray those on-duty during the incident can endure what they will experience over the coming days and beyond as I know this experience first-hand. 

Then the word came.  They are organizing as "escort" from a hospital to the "Sheriff's Office."  That crushed me as this brought back those feelings from that past personal experience.  It reminds you that life is precious and not guaranteed.  It reminds you good must Win over evil.

Wins and Losses-

I am not talking in the literal sense of the word - Win.  Today was a day when the "good guys" Won.  A threat to the community was eliminated forever. That person made choices that none of us will ever understand.  Enough said on that.     

I am talking in the literal sense of the word - Loss.  Today was a day that a community in America suffered a great loss.  The Loss of someone who chose to serve the greater good to the benefit of that community.  The void left behind for those who continue to serve will never be filled.  That is an unfortunate consequence and one that must not be forgotten.      

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